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Babies Around the World
My review of the documentary "Babies" about 4 infants being raised in different countries struck a chord with a lot of readers. Is the American mom ridiculous? Is the Mongolian mom neglectful? And what makes the African baby so darn happy?

How Does She Do It?
How does that other mom get through the grocery store with 3 kids and no tears? How do you use a public bathroom with a baby? How do you take a shower when your kids are awake and your spouse isn't home? No, really, HOW?! I want specifics, logistics, diagrams!

In the Thick of It
Life isn't easy with small kids. You never know what the day will bring -- a picnic, first steps, a trip to the ER, or all 3.

8 Reasons I Love Mom Blogs
Man, "mommy blogs" are becoming as controversial as breastfeeding in public! Either you love 'em or you hate 'em and think all us narcissistic, child-neglecting, socially retarded moms should get off our laptops and interact in the real world. Guess which camp I'm in? ;)

Why Milestones Don't Matter
Look at HER baby -- he’s already crawling! MY baby can’t even roll over yet. And look at THAT baby, he’s practically walking! I’m as guilty of competitive parenting as anyone, but here's proof that milestones have no bearing on how smart/successful/athletic your child will be down the road.

How to Lose the Baby Weight
Want to look like a celebrity mom, strutting around in a bikini mere months after you've popped out a baby? Then follow my foolproof "diet and exercise plan." ;) But don't come crying to me if you pass out from poor nutrition and/or exhaustion -- I'm no doctor!

It’s Just a Baby Tooth
I don’t know why, but this post about my son chipping his tooth gets tons of search engine traffic. I guess there are lots of crazy toddlers out there diving down stairs and slipping in bathtubs. Read this, and be reassured. BTW, you can barely notice the chipped tooth now that he’s 3.

Pregnancy Butt
There are also a lot of moms-to-be searching for answers to why the hell their rear-end is getting bigger along with their belly! Oh, yeah, people -- pregnancy butt is one of those insidious symptoms that no one warns you about. The miracle of life, my ass!

Birth Stories

My first baby took his sweet old time getting here. In the delivery room, we had a doula, 2 mean midwives, and a bazillion doctors trying to get that baby out. It was a circus, I tell ya.

My second baby came much more quickly, on his exact due date. How’s that for impeccable timing? However, I wouldn’t say the second one was easier. Both times, the epidural didn’t work properly. No one warns you about THAT either!

Baby: 165, Mom: 0
The 165 represents the approximate number of nights since my 5-m.o. son was born. The 0 is how many of those I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep. Just to reiterate, that’s ZERO, people. Sleep deprivation is a mean, clumsy bitch.

Arguments No One Wins
So it turns out I’m not the only one clashing with my husband over whose turn it is to clean up the kitchen.

The Saga of the Skinny Jeans
What happens when Oprah influences your fashion decisions as date night approaches.

Perception vs. Reality
Motherhood's a tough gig, I'm not gonna lie. And just because someone SEEMS to have their act together doesn't mean they do. That stranger with the perfect body/kids/life may be hanging onto her last shred of sanity just like you.

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