Week 9: Can You Reach the Remote?

Apparently, being pregnant can make you lazy. Really, really lazy. As in, too lazy to flip the pages of your US Weekly or tear your eyes away from QVC. I spent the majority of the weekend glued to the couch. I had just enough energy to continue breathing and holding my head upright. (For awhile, anyway.)

But I couldn’t enjoy it. See, I’m the type of person who likes to get things done on the weekends. I had big plans: clean the house, go sweater shopping, work out, buy a pumpkin, decorate for Halloween. Here’s what I accomplished: a cursory cleaning of the kitchen floor, one walk with the dog, and some homemade spinach dip.

I know, that last one sounds ambitious. Let me explain: while I lay listlessly on the couch, I couldn’t help but cast my eyes over the stack of pregnancy magazines on the coffee table. One lay open to an article on nutrition and the importance of iron. Now, I’m a vegetarian. Not big on iron-rich foods, like red meat, to begin with. And these days, broccoli and kale seem about as appetizing as munching on roofing tiles. I began to fear I was starving my poor, anemic embryo of the nutrients he/she needed to grow. Hence, the spinach dip.

Cooking took a lot out of me, though, so I spent the rest of the evening watching reruns of “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Pimp My Ride.” Hey, I’m pregnant. I need my rest.

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