Martha May Be On to Something

I’m not gonna lie, people. It’s been a crummy couple of weeks. Not Miles-wise. He’s great. Cracks me up on a daily basis. Except when he’s throwing a tantrum over not being able to watch “Cars” for the 50 bazillionth time. But all the adult stuff—job stress, long commutes, unexpected bills, the flooded basement—has been blecchhh. So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a list of the good things that are going on.

MarthaDo I feel like Martha Stewart without the starched sheets and homemade apple tarts? A little. (BTW, have any of you seen this show called “Whatever, Martha”? I was channel-surfing one night and came across it. Here’s the concept: Martha’s real-life daughter and her friend sit around making fun of video clips from the Martha Stewart Show. That’s it. The whole show. Who greenlighted this thing? And why would Martha agree to it? Bizarre. Yet kind of funny and a little bit addictive. Moving on…)

So back to my good things. Drumroll, please. And here they are:

* Both C. and I found money on the ground last week. Just a few bucks, but enough to cover dinner at Chipotle.

* We got 2 unexpected checks in the mail.

* I got a very lucrative assignment from a new client.

* Some other fun stuff came in the mail, including a jacket and book for Miles, some interesting newspaper articles from my mom, and several new magazines, one including my byline.

* I realized you can check out magazines from the library. Considering I loooove me some magazines, but that 4 or 5 cost the same as a hardcover book and don’t last nearly as long, this was a thrilling discovery.

* I remembered to record the season premiere of “Lipstick Jungle” and found time to watch it. I have to say, I really like Brooke Shields. Maybe since I read her book Down Came the Rain but also in interviews, she seems like a real mom and down to earth person. Call me, Brooke!

* I made an entire Sunday meal including a main course, salad and bread, and the whole family sat down at the table and ate it together. Miles not only ate the salad but asked for SECONDS.

* I went to the new Sephora store near us and got my makeup done. Since I have lately been feeling fat and gross and pregnant, this gave me a much-needed boost. Never mind that I walked out $135 poorer. I looked hot; It was worth it. The fact that my new dark purple—yes, purple!—eyeliner is called “Rockstar” doesn’t hurt.

Once I got started, I kept thinking of more and more good things. I read an article in one of my magazines that said by noticing the good stuff in your life more, you actually create more of it than when you just focus on the bad. Makes sense, I guess. Plus it’s a lot more fun to admire my new makeup than to obsess about what’s causing the funky smell in the laundry room, that’s for sure.

PICK O’ THE WEEK: I am loving the new Jem album, “Down to Earth,” I downloaded from iTunes. You can download a free song here.

READ O’ THE WEEK: I really enjoyed this unpredictable story of a happy SAHM who reluctantly goes back to work: Piece of Work by Laura Zigman.


katie said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and I am LOVING it! (After reading Writer Mama and checking out Christina Katz's blog, I happily stumbled on to yours!) Each of your posts crack me up and also somewhat eerily always have some piece that is completely relevant to my life at the moment. This post especially! I just heard about the show Whatever Martha and I love love love the concept. Although I cherish my copies of Everyday Food magazine, I otherwise loathe Martha. Second, I too admire Brooke Shields, especially after reading Down Came the Rain. I've never written to an author or celebrity before, but I was really tempted to write her after finishing that book. She was brave to share what she went through and I thought it would be cool to thank her and wish her well. Haven't followed through with that though...The last bit of your blog that pushed me to the point of leaving this comment is your bit about Sephora. Who doesn't just LOVE Sephora? (Since becoming a mom I have become so much more into cosmetics, jewelry and shoes--no doubt because they help me ignore the baby weight I've been stuck with for two years!) But, back to Sephora: have you tried Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion? This stuff is the most amazing product ever. I never wore eyeshadow before because it always got gunky or rubbed off. This stuff keeps it looking like it was just applied moments ago ALL DAY LONG! Oh, and my best "good thing" this week is that I got to experience the feeling of seeing my name in print! Now, it wasn't something phenomenal like a magazine article, but it's a start. I wrote a series of children/teen book reviews for a local free newspaper. Simple, straightforward stuff, but I'm still giddy with excitement over it. Is this what it would feel like to be a "real" writer mama?!?!

Mom2Miles said...

Hi, Katie, thanks for your comment! The Sephora lady actually did put that product on my eyes, now that you mention it. I could spend a zillion dollars in there, easily, and I'm not even that into makeup. Congrats on getting your name in print! The thrill of seeing your byline never really wears off, IMO.

Wendy said...

You forgot to add you are a rockin' writing teacher with many happy, productive, and soon too be published students.
Don't you just love the library.

~*amber*~ said...

That Martha show sounds hilarious! I will have to check it out.

I go to the library all the time, but didn't know you check magazines out.

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