Labor Day

Well, so much for the eggplant parmigiana. Guess it’s not guaranteed to induce labor if you make it yourself. Or maybe I should’ve used fresh basil. In any case, it was delicious!

I had hoped Baby #2 would decide to be born on his own schedule, but so much for that, too. Just another example that when it comes to motherhood, you control NOTHING. I’m not thrilled about being induced, but the good news is that my mom is here now and Miles is taken care of. So no more panicked scenarios about having to drop off my firstborn at the scary neighbor’s in the middle of the night. Phew!

Miles will not let his grandmother out of his sight. Not even to let her use the bathroom. (Sorry, mom!) Knowing he’s in good hands is a huge load off my mind. And even though I know our life and our family are about to change forever, I’m aware but not overly sentimental about it. I’m excited. A new baby to love and hug! Another mini me (or mini C., as the case may be)! I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

The first time around, I was extremely anxious about having a baby. All those people asking if you’re ready (hell, no!), telling you your life is going to change FOREVER (no kidding, really?). I did way too much reading about, and worrying about, the whole thing. Because then it happened and all the preparation in the world couldn’t have prepared me one bit for the real, actual experience of having a real, actual baby.

In spite of all my preparation, I was still totally ignorant. And in some ways, ignorance really is bliss. I didn’t know people who’d had a stillbirth, who’d lost a baby to SIDS, who’d almost died in childbirth. Now I do.

Before, when people would get all misty-eyed about the miracle of life, I’d inwardly groan. Yeah, yeah. It happens every day, what’s the big deal? Now I know. It sure as hell IS a Big Deal, with a capital B and a capital D! Damn right it’s a miracle! It’s amazing any of us is here! It’s astounding that people don’t fall down and worship at the feet of every single woman in the world who’s ever given birth. (Come to think of it, why don’t they?)

OK, I’m getting a little grandiose here. I’ll calm down.

Still, it is nice to know that other people think having a baby is a pretty big deal, too. I love the well-wishes I get from everyone from the supermarket checkout girl to the old guy at the bank. The e-mails and calls and “good lucks” from family and friends and blog readers. The smiles and encouragement from other moms. Thank you guys!!

All this deep, miracle-of-life pontificating is making my head spin, so I’m off to a relaxing reflexology appointment. Heaven is having a skilled professional massage your feet with scented oils. And you better believe I’m telling this lady to go ahead and push every single birth-inducing pressure point she can find! I haven’t given up hope yet. :)

LINK O’ THE WEEK: A reader e-mailed me info about a class that may be of interest to parents-to-be in the greater Washington, D.C. area -- L'Amazing Baby: Childbirth Preparation with a Jewish Twist. Click here or here for more details and to register.

FLICK O’ THE WEEK: A friend sent Miles the DVD, “Sesame Street - Three Bears and a New Baby,” which he’s watched daily since he got it.

READ O’ THE WEEK: He’s also been enjoying the book, “Little Rabbit's New Baby.”


rightonmom said...

My mom also flew in from Chicago to help out. Thank God for those airline miles!
You'll do great. Oh and by the way, this will change your life forever, you know.


leila said...

i TOTALLY agree with you about the miracle of birth. my seven-week old needs me and i'm exhausted and going to bed, but i needed to say YES. MIRACLE.

and GOOD LUCK! have a wonderful birth.


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