New Baby, New Stuff

Somehow I thought because this is our second baby and he’s also a boy, we’d have all the stuff we need already. I mean, it’s not like we had to go out and replace a pink stroller or anything. But instead, I’m finding that we’re buying or borrowing all the stuff we WISH we had the first time.

Case in point: by the time I decided I could’ve used a Bumbo seat for Miles, he was too old for it. So this time, I got one for Riley. Actually, I got him a like-new BebePod at a consignment store for 50%. Score!! It’s great because he was getting sick of the bouncy seat – swing – floor mat rotation. Now he can mix it up in the BebePod! And I love that it has a seat belt. This baby would hurl himself off any surface if given half a chance. Just today he nearly took a header off the changing table.

My brother and SIL lent us an Exersaucer they weren’t using. It even comes with a handy-dandy “moat.” Perfect timing, since Riley has decided he is no longer content to sit for long and must be “standing” on his own two feet at all times. Unless he’s doing log rolls and pushups on the floor, that is. I should’ve known by the way he practiced kung fu in utero that he would be an active guy. So much for Baby #2 being the mellow one. This baby’s apparently training for the Olympics. God help me if he starts walking at 10 mos. like his older brother.

You’d think all this activity would tucker the little fella out, wouldn’t you? And that he’d have been sleeping through the night for months now? Well, you’d be wrong. All the exercise seems to be stimulating his appetite because he still eats EVERY 3 HOURS. That’s right, EVERY 3 HOURS. It’s brutal, people. I’m up 3-4 times a night. That’s 4 consecutive MONTHS of interrupted sleep, not even counting the last several weeks of pregnancy, which were by no means restful. It’s amazing I can tie my shoes and string two sentences together.

Wondering if Riley’s outgrown his prolific puking? Again, that’s a big fat no. He regularly empties the contents of his stomach all over himself and anything within a two-foot radius. He goes through more bibs and burp cloths than diapers. I’m afraid the nickname “Spewie” might just stick for good. That’ll be a nice anecdote for the rehearsal dinner, huh?

The lesson here is, being a second-time mom does not give you a leg up in any way. New kid, new rules, new stuff. It’s like I’m a brand-new mom all over again. And I’ve got the under-eye circles to prove it.

TIP O’ THE WEEK: I needed a refresher on what age babies should be for certain apparatus:

BebePod/Bumbo seat: 3-12 mos.

Exersaucer: 4-12 mos.

Doorway jumper: 4 mos.-walking


Loukia said...

It's true! You end up buying things anyway! We used the exersauser we had used with Christos, so that was good, and the swing and the playpen.. but I did end up buying lots of new clothes because, well, I like to shop! ;) What else... we ended up buying 2 double strollers, one that you can attach to a bike and a MacLaren. We also got him a new play mat!

tineroche said...

Our new baby is only 3 weeks old but I feel the same way. I thought you would know everything already but every baby is different. I catch myself reading up on things on the internet or books that I bought when I had my first. I read about things that I should still know from the first one but mommy brain has taken over and erased everything. Conveniently all the things got erased that you didn't want to forget, just to make sure that you really thought twice before you had another one. Thanks for the great blog. It's always good to know that I'm not alone, feeling this way!

leila said...

I hear you on the sleep dep. my almost 6-mo old eats ev. 2 -3 hrs; i haven't slept more than 3 consecutive hours since 10 Jan 09. I think I'm getting used to it, though. I'm not swearing as much as i did in the early months.

And as for the baby equipment---right now, across the living room, I'm looking at a stack of three useable car seats. One hand-me-down (that we use for plane trips), one that snaps into the stroller/real-estate agent's car when she picks us up for house-hunting trips, and one britax that we're going to use when she grows out of the other ones ... in a few weeks.

Yes. My house decor is so posh right now.

Your boys are such cuteys!


Amy said...

Looks like our babes are around the same age. My youngest was born Jan 3rd of this year. He's not sleeping through the night either. Far from it! Every 3 hours is average for him, although I sometimes get a 4 hour stretch some nights. I can't complain though, because in every other way he's sooooo easy.

He's my third... my second is CRAZY busy. C.R.A.Z.Y. And has been since birth.

Sorry. *wink*

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