My Apologies, Mom

So you know how before you have kids, you think you're going to do everything differently? You're going to play only classical music to your newborn, you're never going to let them watch TV, you're only going to buy educational wooden toys, and you're never, ever going to force or bribe your child to eat or wear anything they don't want to.

You most CERTAINLY will not spoil your kid like your neighbor does, yell at them like those obnoxious parents at Walmart, or make them do menial chores like your parents made you do.

Uhhhh, right. How's that working out for you? Same here. Which is why I've compiled a list of people I owe an apology. Read more of my mea culpa at TheBump.com:


Loukia said...

Oh... off to read!!

Loukia said...

For some reason I can't comment over there... but I loved that post! So very true... oh, the things I said I'd do when I became a mom! Ha! It is amazing how quickly things change, huh?

Carrie said...

I think every new Mom takes a step back after being in that role for a year or so and realizes they need to apologize to their own parents :)

My biggest LOL "I'll do this when I'm a Mom..." has to be my intention to keep my kid from candy until she was at least 5...yeah, I think that qualifies as a #fail

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