Goodwill Toward Moms

I was sweating bullets at the mall today as I wheeled around my barefoot baby -- in the middle of winter!! But what can I do? The child will NOT keep socks or shoes on his feet, people! So I balled them up and stuffed them in my pocket so I wouldn't lose them. But I was bracing myself for a smack-down from the parenting police.

I don't know why, though. Despite constantly hearing about people being judgmental and rude to mothers for everything from how they dress their babies to what they feed them, this actually hasn't happened to me (much).

In fact, if anyone has been judgmental and intrusive it's ME. Almost, one time... Read more about mom-bashing vs. goodwill toward moms at TheBump.com:


Vanessa said...

I'm still pregnant with my first right now but I'm terrified of things like that. Women I don't know are already trying to give me all kinds of parenting advice so I can only imagine how it will be once he's out!

Anonymous said...

I am pregnant with baby number 2 now and I have to say that my MIL has been the most judgmental person I've encountered (which is pretty sad). She constantly questioned things like "shouldn't he have on socks?" (sometimes in the middle of summer) or "Don't you think he'll ruin his appetite if you feed him too many Cheerios?"... My son is now 3 and has a mind of his own and enjoys running around INSIDE our home barefoot. This fact seems to drive my MIL crazy as she constantly asks us to put socks on him. I went out one morning when she was visiting only to come back to her putting socks AND shoes on him and he kept saying "where are we going?" because he doesn't usually play with socks and shoes on at home (his choice). He was so confused and ticked off that we weren't actually leaving the house. I think it would be much easier if this stuff came from strangers because I could ignore them easier.

Also wanted to thank you for entertaining me these past 3+ years.

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