Is Childbirth Prep Worth It?

When I was expecting my first child, I spent my time doing prenatal yoga, downing vitamins, reading books, interviewing doulas and doctors ... I even learned to sew and knit. You might say I went a little nuts those 9 mos. When it came to childbirth prep, I was determined to be an A+ student. I was going to be prepared, dammit!

But then the birth didn’t go exactly according to plan. And all those things I'd learned and practiced and visualized went out the window along with my illusions that I'd fit back into my regular clothes immediately. (Insert "duh" here.)

So was all that preparation a waste? I don’t think so. Read more about why not at TheBump.com:


CopyCat said...

excellent read :D
going to the other link now

CopyCat said...

LMAO I read the whole article, well written.
I am not a mom nor do I plan on being one... but the advise about the music was excellent.
I really don't believe that there is a right way to prepare for labor, but I do agree somethings might help before or after.
I heard so many women panic when the contractions start.
If I become a mom one day I will take the CD music advice with me
The knitting was cute ;)

TracePoo said...

I can completely relate! A lot of the things you learn in the prep classes do go out the window... but I think when you are pregnant, taking those classes help to calm the nerves... especially for a first time mommy!

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