Back-to-School Blues? Not Me!

Am I the only mom alive who’s not sad about her child going off to school? All around me are people who are tearing up at the sight of school buses and lamenting, “They grow up so fast!” Not me. I can’t WAIT until Miles’ first day of school this week. And neither can he.

Maybe it’s because it’s just preschool. This year he’ll be going 5 days a week, but only mornings. How much can I miss him when he’s barely gone long enough for me to do the grocery shopping?

I rarely get wistful when looking at his baby pictures or packing away his outgrown clothes. Maybe it’s because I have another one who’s still in diapers. Or maybe it’s because I really don’t miss the projectile puking, mashed sweet potato phase.

I can honestly say that it doesn’t make me sad to see my sons grow up. I love watching them learn to color and put on their own shoes. I love seeing their personalities develop, and I am fascinated when they exhibit their own individual preferences.

Why did my firstborn adore avocados and my second child won’t touch them? Why is Miles inseparable from his stuffed dog and Riley could care less about blankies or lovies? Why is my oldest unconcerned with his anatomy while I fear my youngest is a budding Pee-Wee Herman?

Most of all, I enjoy my kids’ developing senses of humor and imaginations. Riley has barely been alive a year and a half and he’s already the life of the party, singing and dancing and making faces whenever the mood strikes. And Miles will say the craziest things out of the blue, like “I wish I could walk on the ceiling” or “I don’t want to get old and join the circus.”

One thing that does bother me about the boys going off to school is that I’ll miss so much stuff. Already, it’s like pulling teeth to get Miles to tell me about his day. (Though interestingly, he often opens up to his dad and other people with little prompting. Hmm…) I won’t get to see how excited they are when they know the words to a particular song or figure out how the elevator works on the toy parking garage.

I live for parent-teacher conferences when I get little glimpses into my son’s life beyond me. Otherwise, I may never know that he likes to push a certain little girl on the swings or that his favorite dress-up gear is the dog costume.

It’s just the beginning, I guess. Next year he’ll start kindergarten. Maybe then I’ll get misty at the sight of the backpack display at Gap Kids. But I doubt it. I enjoy watching him grow up too much.

VIDEO O' THE WEEK: They'll kill me for this one day, but I couldn't resist.

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Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

Awesome! And no, you are NOT the only person who isn't sad to see your kids go to school. :)

Crysi said...

You are definitely not the only Mama. I can't wait for Adia to go to preschool. I know she's going to have a blast. And I love watching my girls grow up. I'm not a baby person. Babies drive me batty. I like that Mira can kind of tell me what she wants. That Adia does tell me, even if it ends in "NOW!" or some other tantrum. They're more fun now than before. Now, if Leia would just stop screaming and figure out that I can't read her mind.

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

Future Heart Breakers you have on your hands... especially with smooth moves like those!! Loved the video and refreshing to read someone who isn't sad about school. I have a few years to go but I am certain I will fall into that category.

Angie Mizzell said...

The next time I get misty eyed, I'm going to remember this post. Because you're right, it's awesome watching them grow up. Dillon starts the 5 day morning thing this Tuesday and Blake will go to Mother's Morning Out on Friday. I already have every Friday in Sept. booked with coffee dates. I've decided the last thing I'm going to do during those three free hours is work! (Budding Pee Wee Herman, lol)

SwtInsanity said...

Love the video! I live for these "one-day-my-kids-will-kill-me" moments/videos!

I was happy to send my son to daycare and even pick him up at the latest possible time. Sometimes I even play hooky from work and still drop him off at daycare. I do get a teary eyed when I look at his baby pictures and pack away his outgrown clothing. They do grow up so fast.

Superstitions said...

I'm the same way. My daughter is only 3 months old, and I'm already looking forward to when she can actually tell me what she wants and express some independence. I love when she reaches new milestones, even when it's as small as trying to hold her bottle.

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