Say 'Cheese'

After months and months of screetching and pointing, my 18 m.o. has finally started talking. He didn’t even say “mama” until 15 mos. Here’s a video of us trying to coax it out of him on camera:

At his check-up, the pediatrician noted that most babies say “mama” at 9 mos. She asked me if I was concerned, and I said no. After all, he’s a second child, so he’s got a built-in spokesperson in his big brother.

“Riley doesn’t want pretzels,” Miles will tell me. “He wants popcorn.” Maybe he’s right. Though I’m more suspicious when Miles claims that Riley wants to go to the big playground. Really? The one where all the equipment is too dangerous for babies so he’s confined to the stroller while you play? Hmm...

Riley’s first word was “uh-oh,” followed by “ball” and “more” (as in, “more food NOW!”). In the past couple weeks, though, it’s like he’s had a breakthrough. New words spill out of him daily, such as:

“Shoes.” He likes to go around the house collecting footwear, which makes finding a matching pair of shoes and getting out the door in the morning a challenge.

“Show.” What his brother begs to watch on TV several times a day. Riley, on the other hand, is more entertained by turning the TV and DVR on and off repetitively.

“Up.” Meaning “get me out of this swing/highchair/stroller NOW!”

“No.” I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more of this word in the coming months.

“Cheese.” What he says whenever someone sticks a camera in his face.

“Milk.” Actually, “mek,” but he makes himself understood by hanging from the refrigerator door handles until I get the point.

“Bite.” Meaning, “give me a bite of your food, woman, even though I just finished eating my meal and my brother’s!”

“Ice cream.” Actually “i-keem.” I have the grandparents to thank for that one.

“Cookie.” Are you sensing a theme? Yep, my boy likes to eat. Here’s a video of me trying to get him to say his newest word:

TIP O’ THE WEEK: It’s already started – the Epic Carseat Battles of Toddlerhood. I’ve learned a thing or 2 since my first carseat kerfuffle. The trick is to distract the child with a song. It doesn’t matter what song. I like to make up my own, such as “You’re a little stinkpot, short and stout. See how you wrestle, see how you shout.” To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot,” of course.


YUMMama said...

Awww...he's so adorable. I always say that kids develop at their own rate when it comes to talking. Before you know it he'll be speaking in full sentences.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Good to know! My daughter is fast to walk slow to talk :) She's 17 mo and saying just a few words!

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

My 17 month old isn't even saying "Mama." At least, he doesn't mean it. He's trying hard to repeat, but everything comes out "dada." However, on the heels of a child with Down's, who at 3 1/2 still isn't saying Mama and Dada and meaning it, I'm having trouble getting worked up about it.

Nonetheless, my heart seizes up when I read your post, and think, Oh, *when* will that boy finally talk???

Chryselle said...

Ha Ha. My 18 month old isn't talking either. He says 'Da' very forcefully, but 'Ma' only when he feels like it. It's delightful watching him trying to say new words - I just want to hug him so close every time he makes an effort :)

Angie Mizzell said...

I call my kids stink pots and so I'm totally stealing your song. :) Loved your post. Seeing Riley and Miles together on video is so cute.

Jeni said...

OMGoodness! He is sooooo cute! My Zachy is only 8.75 months...so he just babbles...and wiggles. He bounces like a baby seal which menas, "Pick me up! Pick me up!"

Loukia said...

He is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! And yes, songs and singing and music in the car is very necessary!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I wuv your blog! The teapot song is soo funny.

Crysi said...

Every kid is most definitely different. Mira didn't really talk until recently, but it's mostly yes or no. I know she understands every single thing you ask though. Leia will randomly spout out words, but generally acts clueless. Adia was already talking like crazy at this point. I think you're right about the older sibling being their spokesperson. It certainly happens around here.

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