Being a Grown-Up Is Overrated

Fun GrownupRemember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be a grown-up? You’d stay up late, watch TV 24/7, eat all the candy and junk food you wanted, and never brush your teeth. Yeah!

Newsflash: the grass isn’t exactly greener over here on the other side of 18. (Oh, who am I kidding? On the other side of 30!)

First of all, you have to mow the grass yourself. And maybe even hire a guy to fix those random brown patches all over the lawn. And don’t even get me started on raking the leaves, shoveling snow off the walk, and hiring another guy to get the raccoons out of your attic.

To be honest, all that stuff is usually my husband’s job because I’m too busy doing 17 loads of laundry, making nutritionally balanced meals that no one eats, and scrubbing the remains of those nutritionally balanced meals off the floor, walls, and highchair.

I DO eat all the candy I want, though. That’s because sugar and coffee are the main things that keep me going through my days, which are packed with completely not-fun grown-up activities. For instance, this week’s to-do list included:

Write a letter to the city department of public works contesting our water bill, which was 5 times higher than usual. But not before calling the office, sitting on hold for ages, and pleading my case to a surly government employee, only to be told I had to put it in writing.

Reschedule jury duty. Like the above item, this required more phone calls, more time on hold, and more discussions with government employees. I’m all for doing my civic duty (well, actually I’m not, but it’s a law. Bleh!).

But when you’re a stay-at-home mom and have to PAY someone so you can wait around all day in a dreary public building on the off chance you might be called for a worker’s comp trial, well, there are about 983 things I’d rather be doing. Including laundry.

Call AAA. During our usual mad dash to get out of the house this morning and get to school on time, I discovered the car wouldn’t start. The culprit? A dead battery from the interior lights being left on overnight. Hmmm, I wonder which small people who love to push buttons (both literally and figuratively) could be responsible for THAT?!

Cleaning. I am so anti-cleaning it takes me a year to go through a bottle of Windex. My idea of dusting is to run a sock over the TV screen when the layer of dust gets thick enough to write your name in. I only vacuum when the baby starts pointing at the balls of dog hair on the floor and crying because he thinks they’re spiders.

My 4 y.o. son said, “Looks like it’s foggy out today” when really, it was just that the kitchen windows were dirty. But even I can’t ignore the public bathroom smell that becomes noticeable after a few days. So clean I must.

This grown-up thing is overrated. Now, the idea of bathing regularly and going to bed early sounds like heaven. If it weren’t for the candy and TV, there would barely be any perks at all. Oh, wait. I forgot about wine.

TIP O’ THE WEEK: Something only a grown-up would know — you can often use manufacturers’ coupons for a certain brand even if you’re not buying the exact item on the coupon. Example: I have used coupons for Huggies wipes on diapers, and coupons for premium formula on the regular kind.


DIAPERS in the DESERT said…

Being an adult.. is so overrated. I didn't know about that coupon thing… Does it really work? I always get coupons in the mail but never for the things that are about to run out.

Angie Mizzell said…

As I was rocking Blake to sleep, I noticed I started to get panicky when I thought about the week ahead. It's Friday! There are just too many chores spoiling all the fun.

Mom2Miles said…

I agree, Angie: chores suck.

And yes, the coupon thing is true! I used to throw out all the coupons for organic diapers or Gerber meals or whatever because I didn't buy those exact items. But one time I asked the cashier if she would just try the coupon. Not only did it work, but at my grocery store they double manufacturers' coupons. Score!! (How sad is it that I get excited about that?)

Kelli @ writing the waves said…

I with you! Bathing regularly and early bedtimes sound great to me too! I'm going to try the sock thing to dust the TV. I have so many socks without matches – might as well put them to use.

Hope your water bill gets resolved and that you don't have to do jury duty. I got out of it awhile back because I have two young kids at home. Maybe the exemptions have changed…bummer.

Jana@AnAttitudeAdjustment said…

Being a grown-up is a pain in the ass. I always said I'd eat all the brownie batter myself instead of baking it. I've never done that. My stomach isn't a child's stomach anymore. All that sweetness and rawness would just make me sick.

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