A Crafty Christmas

It’s been well-documented here that I am no Martha Stewart. I have my moments, but you will never find me self-embossing gift tags with stamps, glitter, and some sort of mini blow torch. (For real — I watched her Christmas special the other night.)

But the holidays bring out my crafty side. Or maybe it’s all that SUPER-CUTE, SUPER-CHEAP stuff in all the craft stores this time of year. Or maybe it’s the fact that I have to entertain a 4-y.o. who’s out of school for a ridiculously long Christmas break.

The first project we attempted was making paper snowflakes. It bombed. Turns out safety scissors don’t cut through layers of folded paper very well. Plus, Miles soon lost sight of our “white Christmas” theme and began decorating the snowflakes with Batman colors. Because what says winter wonderland better than a bunch of yellow and black snowflakes, right?

Next, we attempted graham cracker gingerbread houses with the neighbor kids. The oldest ones got the hang of it pretty well, but the younger ones lost patience with having to hold the walls together until the icing hardened. Miles’ house soon became a teepee.

And the green sprinkles? Were a bad idea. “A little goes a long way” means squat to kids. Meanwhile, the babies screamed for M&Ms and everyone spit out the (partially chewed) gumdrops because they tasted “gross.”

I wised up by the next time, and bought a couple of foam gingerbread house kits from Michael’s (see photo). The interlocking foam pieces fit together easy enough and then the kids decorated them with the enclosed stickers. Easy-peasy. And the only clean-up was collecting the sticker backings. No sprinkle tsunamis. AND no sugar-shock.

Our final creative masterpiece was a snowman cake. When my MIL gave me the pan last year I remember thinking, “When the heck does she think I’m going to have time to make THIS?!” But then the baby started sleeping through the night and taking 2.5-hour naps and all of a sudden the possibilities were endless. Or at least baking a cake no longer seemed on par with writing a novel in Russian.

I’m proud to say I even let Miles help this year. I didn’t get all control-freakish and take all the fun out of it for him like last year. Even if he did put the snowman’s buttons a tad too close together and one of his eyes is on his forehead. HAHAHAHA, just kidding!! It didn’t bother me! Much.

I guess there’s a little Martha in me after all.

CRAFT O’ THE WEEK: Keep it simple, and non-holiday-specific, with Anchormommy’s Winter Mitten Garland.

VIDEO O’ THE WEEK: Check out Jen Singer’s “The 12 Days of Christmas Break” video on Mommasaid.net. Funny AND true.


Shannon @ AnchorMommy said…

That foam gingerbread house is a GENIUS idea. I'm totally hunting one of those down for next year!

That snowman cake is so cute! I had to laugh when you said you didn't get all control-freakish, because that's been my goal this year too! I think I restrained myself pretty well when we made cookies today…

Oh, and the snowflakes & safety scissors? Same thing happened here. I even abandoned the folded paper for folded tissue paper – safety scissors can't hack that stuff either. 🙁

Thanks for the link! Merry Christmas!!


YES!! I did the Michael's foam gingerbread house too and it was a big hit!! Finally…an easy craft. Merry Christmas to me!

Angie Mizzell said…

Dillon's school sent him home with a "Santa Stops Here" door hanger (that has to be glued together) and we didn't get very far because I don't have glue. What kind of mom doesn't have Elmer's glue? Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to get some when I went to the store yesterday– to get "everything I need so I don't have to go out tomorrow."

It's Not Like a Cat said…

Favorite line: "But then the baby started sleeping through the night and taking 2.5-hour naps…" Thank you for giving me a ray of hope. 😉

We made a gingerbread house and decorated it RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME. Brilliant. The toddler ate wayyyy too many gumdrops. Oops!

Rivster said…

What is with the Batman all of the sudden? My little guy, nearly 4, is all about Batman. I mean, really into Batman.

And why not have Batman-themed snowflakes?

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