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I don’t know if it’s the spring-cleaning articles in all the magazines or what, but getting organized has been on my mind a lot lately. A recent post on a friend’s blog reminded me that I, too, feel peaceful and happy when everything’s in order. May explain my feng shui phase in my 20’s. (Tip: Always close the toilet lid. Something to do with containing bad energy or allowing good chi to flow, I forget. And also, if you have flush-happy toddlers around, it just makes sense.)

Too bad my family could care less about being organized. I mean, what’s the point of having a coat rack, a shoe cubby, key hooks, and a change jar if everything gets dumped in a big pile the second everyone walks in the door? Work with me, people!!!

I’ve also realized that one person’s organized is another person’s OCD. For instance, did anyone see that article on Jamie Lee Curtis in Good Housekeeping a while back? The woman wears dust-rags on her feet, repackages everything in her house from cereal to CDs, and has only has 3 colors of clothes in her wardrobe. Um, OK, Jamie Lee. She does admit, though, that her husband and kids don’t maintain her organizational vision, so she sees it as her job to keep things in order.

I don’t need my environment to be THAT orderly. I’m fine with having a pile of mail on the counter, a pile of books on the table, and a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. Hey, Jamie Lee has her Tupperware, I have my piles, OK? And I do love those fabric bins. At one point I tried to keep my kids’ stuffed animals in one bin, toy cars in another, and blocks in another, but now I don’t care if everything’s all jumbled up together as long as it’s off the floor and out of sight.

The important thing is being able to find something when you need it, right? I may not be the neatest person in the world, I may not have clear systems for everything, but I can usually tell you where something is. The extension cords? They’re in the bottom kitchen drawer next to the disposable placemats and flavored drink mix that no one likes. (No matter what, we end up with bunches of random stuff that don’t fit neatly into a clear category.)

And yet, I alphabetize my spices. For some reason, this is a source of great hilarity among my family and friends. Why?! Are spices not arranged alphabetically in the grocery store? What’s so crazy or OCD about that? If you want to spend 15 minutes rooting around for the cumin, be my guest. I have better things to do with my time. Like put everybody else’s stuff back where it belongs.

PICK O’ THE WEEK: Miles talked me into buying these dust-mop slippers. At first I thought they were ridiculous but now I think they’re awesome. Especially because the kids will put them on and slide around the kitchen. Anything to get them to help clean!



Jamie Lee Curtis wearing those slippers is about the most unattractive thing I could ever imagine. I feel bad for her husband, except he is hilarious and awesome.


Oh, gosh. I used to be superorganized, but I admit I've given up the dream a bit since toddlers invaded my home. You've inspired me. Especially the alphabetized spice rack. I HATE rooting around for spices.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said…

Those slippers are hilarious!! But yeah, whatever works…

I'm totally trying to stay on top of the clutter at our house lately. Wonder how long my determination will last. It gets exhausting!!!

Angie said…

So many things about this post made me laugh. I have a very similar extension cord drawer. It used to stress me out that it was so random, but then I realized we know everything in it. I don't organize my spices, and for a second I started to judge (Cuckoo cuckoo), and then I realized it's a fabulous idea. 🙂

Thanks for the link.

Neena said…

I remember that jamie lee article! I was drooling over all her dvd's in book. Then I remembered I'm a visual gal and can't find a dvd unless I can recognize the cover!

Schpanks said…

I'm trying so hard to get and stay organized. It's just so hard to find the time!

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