Snowy with a Chance of Insanity

Seasonal Snowfall Total in Baltimore: 79.9 inches

Previous Seasonal Snowfall Record for Baltimore: 62.5 inches in 1995-96

Days of School Cancelled This Week: 5

Number of Times Our Street Was Plowed: 0

Number of Times Hubs Shoveled the Walk: 7

Articles of Clothing Required for Son to Play Outside: 15

Games of Candy Land Played: 9

Games of Memory Played: 7

Number of Puzzles Completed: 6

Hours of TV Watched: 41

Number of Times My Kids Fought Over a Toy: 517

Number of Times My Family Got on My Nerves: 1,034

Number of Times I Considered Fleeing the House and Never Coming Back: Too many to count

At first, the record-breaking snowstorm that hit the Mid-Atlantic was an exciting event. No one around here had ever SEEN this much snow. The first snowfall happened on a Saturday, so everyone was home and nothing got cancelled. We sat around in our PJs, watched movies, went out to play in the snow, and got together with our neighbors for an impromptu potluck. Fun!

Then it snowed again. And a couple days later, AGAIN. Piles of it mounted up on street corners and once 4-lane roads narrowed to a single slushy lane. School was cancelled, churches and libraries were closed, and pretty much everything in the state shut down. The weather report played continuously on the TV and the snow continued to fall.

The kids began to get antsy, the grown-ups began to get irritated, and everyone began to wonder just when the hell things would ever get back to normal. And still, the blizzard dragged on. And on. And ON.

Two adults trying to work from home plus one computer and two active kids equals big-time stress. In desperation, C. tried to dig out and head into the office today. It took him 20 min. to get off our street, and 10 min. after that, he was back. The roads were a mess; not worth the risk.

Seriously? If this snow situation doesn’t improve — and SOON — I cannot be held responsible for my actions. Not least because the number of bottles of wine in the house is currently <1.

VIDEO O’ THE WEEK: How my boys are passing the time indoors


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said…

I totally sympathize, and I only had two snow days, neither of which kept us in the house!

Miss Madison's Mommy said…

holy cow! I can't even begin to feel your pain! We got 10 inches yesterday in Dallas (new record!) and I'm in a tizzy because I have to wait until about noon to leave the house! A week! NO THANKS!

tineroche said…

I know how you feel. P. and I decided today that we will risk going out because we can't stay in the house anymore. The video is just the cutest. I can't wait for L. to start crawling ( I think his belly is still too big, and his arms are not strong enough :)) because right now all I can do is carry him around. He does not like being on the floor.


Oh my goodness, hang in there! The moment I saw nine games of Candyland had been played I knew the situation was starting to get desperate.
Is it bad that I'm slightly envious of all the Kool-aid snow art you guys could make? We have absolutely no snow where I am, so if you want to trade for a day or two let me know! 😀


I really wish we could take some of that snow for you. We could use a little more of it out West.

Hang in there!!!

help4newmoms said…

What is so hilarious is that everyone gets a day off, except us! Our job increases exponentially! Who knew snow could cause such a panic. I'm so glad I am not alone!

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