Stuff My Kids Say

He’s an Internet legend: the guy who started a Twitter page called “@#$& My Dad Says” to chronicle his curmudgeonly father’s salty sayings and promptly got a book deal and a sitcom starring William Shatner. Well, I think my kids could give him a run for his money. IMO, they’re funnier, more family-friendly, and way cuter, to boot.

One of the perks of having kids that I didn’t anticipate is how they provide constant entertainment. I thought it would be all peek-a-boo and knock-knock jokes, but no. My boys – who are barely as old as my newest pair of jeans – are laugh-out-loud funny on a daily basis. Good thing I have my Twitter page to keep track of their antics. Here’s a small sampling from the last 2 weeks:

Mar. 15: 4yo picks out random assortment of clothing. Me: “You’re going to wear ALL that?” M: “You’ll see how it all works out, Mom.” [How it worked out was lots and lots of layers. It was an eye-popping mishmash of Batman and Super Mario and Crocs, oh my!]

Mar. 14: Was getting Playdoh out of the jam-packed closet & the iron fell out. M: “That really hurts on Tom & Jerry.”

Mar. 11: 2yo requested Glee Xmas album in the car. And by requested, I mean he yelled until I put it on.

Mar. 10: 4yo won’t eat the bread on his sandwich because it’s “undelicious.”

Mar. 3: M. was trying to hitchhike on our street. He says he saw it on the Pink Panther. Had to explain it’s a no-no in the non-cartoon world.

Mar. 3: I swear, my 2yo gets stuck in the kitchen chair about 4x a day – a leg, an arm, his HEAD. [Note: He’s totally doing it on purpose. I’ve tried ignoring him and letting him untangle himself, but then his big brother gets involved and things take a turn for the worse.]

It’s no surprise to anyone that kids say and do quirky things, of course, but somehow it’s even funnier when they’re your own. We were all lying in bed the other morning trying to get an extra few minutes sleep while my 2yo wandered around our room slamming closet doors and rummaging through drawers.

Riley picked up C.’s cellphone and announced, “Daddy want phone EVERY DAY.” We all busted out laughing. The kid’s barely 2 and he’s already picked up on his dad’s smartphone addiction! Now if he could only figure out how to get himself unstuck from the kitchen chairs…


Samantha G. said…

Undelicious – I love it!!

I'm going to use that one myself next time the need arises.

Our little one is just barely saying ba, ba, ba, but my intention is to keep a notebook of those sayings once they start happening.

Mom2Miles said…

Samantha, my mom gave me this cute journal for that very purpose: http://amzn.to/fgwgqp

But as you can see, I'm lazy & rely on my blog & Twitter to keep track instead. 🙂

rivster said…

They really are amusing, aren't they?!?

I hope that you took a photo to document the outfit!

Ali said…

I like "undelicious" too!

After my coworker's 4yo son visited the doctor, he went around telling everyone, excitedly, "I have testicles!"

Kids are so much more fun than adults.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said…

Love it! My favorite is the "undelicious" comment. 🙂 Isn't it amazing how kids can get themselves stuck in furniture? I recall my boy getting his head stuck in a stair railing once. How can they do that and then not get themselves out?? Weird.

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